I’m Joree and I’m passionate about helping you live with greater peace, calm and happiness, regardless of what is arising in your life.

I believe that mindfulness is the answer to everything. Why? Because with greater awareness, attention and intention, you can learn to get off autopilot and become more curious and compassionate to the way you relate to your thoughts and emotions, your relationships, as well as your past and present experiences.

This greater awareness offers you the ability to get unstuck from old habits and patterns that aren’t working for you, so you can decrease your stress, overwhelm and reactivity, and be able to Journey Forward® to live your life on purpose, with greater ease, presence and joy.

I can’t wait to be your guide on this Journey!

~ Joree Rose

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Hear Joree’s Journey

You are ready to Journey Forward® if you:

often get stuck in your head, and have a habit of believing your thoughts as truth


easily are overwhelmed by your emotions, and feel as though they’re permanent and define you


have difficulty accepting “what is” and hold on to the way you thought, hoped or expected life was going to unfold


worry about potential “what-ifs” and are distracted from what’s here and now


are happy, but unfulfilled, and don’t know where to begin to find contentment


struggle being present in your relationships, and easily get stuck in expectations, resentments or idealized views of how you want them to be


ruminate in the past, and have a hard time letting go of what doesn’t serve you


have a loud inner critic and would like to be more self-compassionate towards yourself


feel disconnected in your relationships and would like greater connection, depth or vulnerability


have difficulty focusing, paying attention or staying “on task”


always feel stress, overwhelmed and anxious and aren’t sure how to calm your brain and body


don’t know how to slow down and would like to bring more meditation and mindfulness into your life

Let’s get started!

Journey Forward®

JOURNEY FORWARD® is more than just getting unstuck from what’s not working for you…it is creating tools for lasting change for your overall health, happiness and higher self. It’s not just a path, it’s a process; you don’t have to have your end goal set – the practice is to take steps forward that are in alignment with intentions of who you want to be and how you want to live your life. It’s possible!

“For my whole life I have been stuck feeling like I had to be a victim of the way my mind works, constantly thinking negative thoughts or trapped in old mindsets and old habits. Then I found Joree — wow what a change! After attending my first one of Joree’s mindfulness and meditation groups I had an entirely new outlook and relationship with my thoughts.”
~ Morgan P.

About Joree

Joree Rose has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and is dedicated to guiding people to cultivate tools to create lasting change. Joree has helped thousands of people transform their lives, get unstuck from what is not working for them, cultivate new habits that are in alignment with where they want to be, so they can live their best, most authentic and fulfilling life.

“I highly recommend Joree’s mindful parenting and meditation workshops. Her approach is authentic, compassionate and relevant. She provides tips and tools that are easy to incorporate into my busy schedule as a working mom – and they really work. As a result, I’ve learned to be more patient and present in my daily routine.”
~ Vanessa P


Joree’s 1:1 coaching will help you identify where you are stuck in your life and how to develop the tools to lead you towards lasting happiness, fulfillment and authentic living. The three different options allow you to choose the length of coaching that is best for you.

Joree offers two audio courses, Patient Parenting and Redefine Yourself. Both audio courses are designed as mini-therapy sessions, guiding you through the tools in shedding unhealthy habits and patterns and cultivating the tools to thrive.

Together with her partner, Joree and Dr. John Schinnerer guide couples in how to have the ultimate relationship; one in which you cultivate the learnable skills to have a fulfilling, connected and strong relationship.

Joree is the author of 3 books: A Year of Graititude, Mindfulness It’s Elementary, and Squirmy Learns to Be Mindful. All books demonstrate ways to integrate mindfulness into your life.

Join Joree as she gently guides you through each of the 13 meditations found in her book, A Year of Gratitude: Daily Moments of Reflection, Grace, and Thanks.


Joree leads women’s and couple’s retreats around the world to create transformational experiences that will lead to lasting positive growth and change. Check out current destinations and dates.

Gather up your girlfriends, cozy up with a glass of wine, and learn the skills to slow down, decrease your stress and anxiety, and use the wine as a focal point of a mindfulness practice.

Check out Joree’s class offerings held virtually online, including her weekly live meditations.

Download free meditations that Joree has recorded for you as a way of building the foundation of your mindfulness practice.

Watch Joree’s free webinars on self-compassion and parenting during the pandemic, as well as The Ultimate Relationship webinar with Dr. John Schinnerer.

Download a variety of free resources to support you in cultivating and strengthening the tools to increase your awareness, compassion, presence and calm.

Access Joree’s blog, which gives tips, tools and applications for bringing mindfulness into all aspects of your life.

The Journey Forward® with Joree Rose podcast will inspire you to get unstuck and guide you to create change towards lasting happiness.

Join Joree’s Journey Forward® exclusive Facebook group to gain community, support and mindfulness tools to live with greater presence, purpose and peace.

“Having Joree in my life has meant so much to me. Her influence has made such a difference in how I now face my life. Given the tools to apply Mindfulness everyday…breathing, forgiveness and self gratitude, has helped so much, especially in the times of stress. When times get tough, I ask myself ‘What would Joree say?’ and I breathe!!”
~ Carol F.

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