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A Guide to Beginning a Meditation Practice:
The Magic Formula

Joree Rose

To change your future, you have to begin with learning how to be in the present — how to slow down your mind, not believe or react to every thought or emotion, and how connect to your breath and your body. This will allow you to observe your habits and patterns, see which ones aren’t working for you, and more importantly, learn how to respond differently in a way that’s in alignment with your future self.

This is easier said than done, but it is possible. So, how can you start your Journey Forward to being your happiest self?

In one word: meditation.

When you meditate, you are literally rewiring your brain to create new habits and patterns, which is the starting point for creating lasting change.

People always ask me for the formula, so here it is! The following practices, mindsets and steps are the foundations to help you in building a meditation practice, and ultimately in living a fuller, more fulfilled and authentic life…

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