Are you ready to have The Ultimate Relationship?

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All the skills to have the ultimate relationship are learnable!

Everyone wants to be happy.

And while we all have the best of intentions to be the best partner we can be for our significant other, we often have poor execution on this goal.


Because love is not enough.

We are all fed a fairy tale from a very young age: find your one true love, have incredible passion, be best friends, get engaged, get married, have kids, maintain your intimacy, be financially secure, and then you’ll be happy….forever!

This fairy tale has resulted in a 50% divorce rate…and who knows how many unhappy marriages are just sticking it out?

Joree Rose

Obviously, love is not enough.

You can love someone, and still lose the spark you once shared.

You can love someone, and suddenly find you have nothing in common.

You can love someone, and still not feel seen, heard, or validated.

You can love someone, and not know how to communicate effectively.

You can love someone, and lack emotional depth with them.

You can love someone, and not connect sexually.

You can love someone, and not know how to fight fair.

You can love someone, and still struggle to be supportive, or kind, or honest.

You can love someone, and be growing in opposite directions.

You can love someone, and your partner may not be right for you.

You can love someone, and the relationship can still not work out.

It’s not your fault. It’s just that no one has ever taught you these skills. It IS your responsibility to learn and apply them because…

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You deserve more.

Your relationship deserves more.

Your children deserve to have a healthy relationship modeled for their own future partnership.

You and your partner both deserve to be happy and successful in all aspects of your life.

So how do you get the relationship you want??

If you’re committed to your relationship, and you both decide you’re ready to learn the skills then you’ve come to the right people.

All the skills you need to be a master in your relationship are scientifically-backed and learnable!

John and Joree not only have individually been studying and teaching these tools in their professional lives for over 20 years, but for years, they’ve been able to put them to the test in their relationship with each other. And you don’t need to be mental health professionals to make them work!

Everyone can do these tools. Everyone needs to do them.

So the question really is… are you ready to have the ultimate relationship right now?

Life is always busy. There is always going to be something pulling your attention away from focusing on your relationship – the kids, work, financial pressures, familial responsibilities.

And…now is the time. You have no more time to waste. Make your relationship the highest priority because the grass is greener where you water it.

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