joree rose

12 Mindfulness Practices

to Increase Your Overall Well-being

Joree Rose, MA, LMFT
My guess is that you want to feel happier, more content, healed from past challenges or traumas, and free to be abundant and fully engaged in your life and relationships. Achieving this can be hard, because well, being human is hard, especially with the current state of our times.

I know that it’s much easier to focus on your problems, and all the things that aren’t working in your life and think to yourself, “I’ll be happier when _____ changes.” Truth is, you’ll be happier when you change how to deal with whatever issue you’re facing in the moment.

Real change happens when you can increase your overall well-being, rather than just decreasing your stressors and challenges. And remember, growth and healing is never a “one-and-done” – rather, it’s an ongoing practice.

This guide will offer you the top mindfulness practices to help you be aware of your patterns so you can shift away from distraction and being on autopilot to being more present and intentional in all aspects of your life. You will learn how to respond instead of react to triggers, and how to be more compassionate and accepting towards yourself and others, rather than judgmental and in resistance or denial of what you don’t like in your life.

I’m so glad you’re here and I know shifting the way in which you show up in your life is possible and will unlock the key to you living your best life. I’m thrilled to be your guide!

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