‘Mindfulness is a practice’ and ‘you are human’. These are two phrases that I have heard many times while learning about and practicing mindfulness with Joree Rose. Joree is a warm, non-judgmental person who will meet you where you are on your mindfulness journey and take you farther. I love her guided meditations and have been able to incorporate them into my daily life in so many different situations. My husband, as well as both of my young-adult daughters, have worked with Joree and I believe it has really improved our family dynamic. We can remind each other to breathe and can talk openly about what is arising in our lives.

Even though I have incorporated meditation and mindfulness into my daily life, things don’t always go as I have planned or would like them to. That’s when I can hear Joree saying that I am human. Things happen. Breathe. Be kind to yourself. Mindfullness is a continuing practice. In the four years that I have worked with Joree I can say that my overall level of happiness has increased and that I see the world and the people in it with more openness and joy.

I would encourage anyone, at any point in their journey, to work with Joree. An hour can be life changing.

Elizabeth G.

As a 65 year old woman, I am fairly new to mindfulness and meditation. And what a wonderful experience it has become in my life. I attend Joree Rose’s mindfulness class every Wednesday and WOULD NOT miss it! She has a gentle and unique way of delivering mindfulness tools and encouragement, yet is very thorough in reaching all who are in the class. We also learn as she leads us in a meditation each Wednesday. Her soft spoken wisdom has made so much difference in my life. When I walked out of her class for the first time, I felt a peace and calm I have not felt in a very long time.
Abbie G.

For my whole life I have been stuck feeling like I had to be a victim of the way my mind works, constantly thinking negative thoughts or trapped in old mindsets and old habits. Then I found Joree — wow what a change! After attending my first one of Joree’s mindfulness and meditation groups I had an entirely new outlook and relationship with my thoughts. Through easily digestible lessons, Joree has taught me to work with my thoughts instead of against them and to accept my human nature with love and self- compassion. I look so forward to each week’s session and broadening my mindfulness practice guided by Joree’s passion and wisdom. What a gift!
Morgan P.

Having Joree in my life has meant so much to me. Her influence has made such a difference in how I now face my life. Given the tools to apply Mindfulness everyday…. breathing, forgiveness and self gratitude, has helped so much, especially in the times of stress. When times get tough, I ask myself ‘What would Joree say?’ and I breathe!!
Carol F.

My husband and I took Joree’s Mindful Parenting class this past Spring. He was very apprehensive and told me these types of classes were his kryptonite. Thankfully he attended anyways and participated in the class. When we were leaving I asked him how the class was for him. He told me learned a lot of new tools to use on a daily basis. He also shared that when he arrived his ‘bucket’ was not full but after class it was overflowing. This is not language he uses on a daily basis by any means! Joree’s warm and friendly personality along with her extensive knowledge of Mindfulness made this experience very positive for both me and my husband. We are extremely thankful to Joree for sharing these tools with us.
Megan R.

I saw your website and decided to call you and you responded within a day, and when we talked on the phone the very first time, I knew I had the RIGHT person. Joree put me at such ease and I couldn’t wait to start. I’m forever grateful for keeping a journal of our sessions. Her wisdom showed me the path within myself to heal and gain self-reflection.

Joree has the wisdom, experience and compassion to help you choose the RIGHT path. Through her work you will gain valuable tools to blossom and thrive in Life. The benefit of her insight will connect you to a greater world using self-reflection. Self-Reflection is the most powerful way we can grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Joree will inspire you to be your best self. I am truly grateful for her as my Life Coach. Whenever I feel stuck or need mindful inspiration I always refer back to what Joree taught me. The gift that keeps on giving!

Jim O.

I highly recommend Joree’s mindful parenting and meditation workshops. Her approach is authentic, compassionate, and relevant. She provides tips and tools that are easy to incorporate into my busy schedule as a working mom — and they really work. As a result, I’ve learned to be more patient and present in my daily routine.
Vanessa P.