Wine’d Down, Virtually

Hey ladies! Don’t let social distancing prevent you from sharing a glass of wine and connecting with your girlfriends! And rather than just come together and complain about all that’s stressing you out, how’s about actually gain some tools and strategies for managing all you’ve got on your plate.

So gather a group of your besties, pick a night that works best for you all (available by appointment only), find a cozy spot in your house to have some privacy and alone time, grab a glass of wine and log onto our virtual hangout where Joree will guide you in a mindfulness practice using your glass of wine as the focus of a meditation.

In addition to connecting with your friends, Joree will show you how to increase awareness of your senses as a way into bringing more awareness, presence, calm and intention into your life. We’re all stressed, we’re all overwhelmed, our sense of normalcy is being challenged. And yet, we can still come together socially and gain the tools to thrive and not just survive in the face of adversity. Cheers and I can’t wait to Wine’d Down with you.

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