Journey Forward® to life-changing retreats

Joree is passionate about leading retreats because magic and lasting transformation can occur when we step outside of our day-to-day routines, and commit to ourselves and our growth. Each retreat is a unique offering that is carefully crafted, with intention, to provide you with an experience that will deepen your connection to yourself, heighten your understanding of who you are in the present moment, and provide you with the roadmap to walk the path towards your ideal future self.

Women’s Retreats

Journey Forward® with other like-minded women who are seeking to deepen their self-care, soul-care, nourishment and renewal of their mind, body and spirit.

This 3 days/2 night retreat is the perfect getaways for women to step outside their daily roles and allow themselves to unapologetically create time to indulge in relaxation, delving into tools of mindfulness and meditation.

Retreats are sure to provide ongoing gifts, not only in the bonds that are formed but in the lessons learned that you can apply to all aspects of your life.

The date and location for the next retreat is coming soon!

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