I am not a typical therapist and coach.

I’m very tool driven; I want you to know what to do in between sessions when the sh*t hits the fan and you have confidence in your resources to handle it.

I am not a typical therapist and coach.

I’m very tool driven; I want you to know what to do in between sessions when the sh*t hits the fan and you have confidence in your resources to handle it.

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You’ll learn a lot about me during our work, and it’s all in the service of the work. I think the best way to role model vulnerability, humility and healthy communication and effective application of the tools I teach is to show you what it looks like in action.

I connect with my clients on social media; I’m happy to share my life and love rooting on theirs.

I’m gonna challenge you; I’m not just someone you hire to vent to. That’s not gonna help you create the transformation you are seeking.

I travel with my clients; when I lead a retreat, I can be “teacher” by day and hang out with you in the hot tub at night.

It’s taken me time to know how to find this balance, and in the beginning, I knew I could never be a therapist like this. However, I did know that I’d find a way to authentically show up with my clients, offering real connection and vulnerable interactions.

How could I role model healthy relationships if I showed up as the “blank slate” therapists were “supposed” to be?!

Made no sense to me!

Joree Rose

So I found my own way. An authentic way.

A way in which I bring my whole self into my work, which allows for greater depth of connection with my clients.

And you know what that leads to??

Greater healing.

Greater insight and growth.

Greater transformation.

Cause isn’t that what people are seeking in therapy?

…to grow and change and transform into a whole, healed, authentic version of themselves??

Problem is, many therapists don’t achieve that with their clients.


Because many believe that “just showing up” is enough.

I don’t believe that.

I believe showing up is important AND real shifts require time, attention and active work to create lasting change.

holding hands

The relationships I develop with my clients run deep.

The trust is strong. The connection is real.

It’s not unusual for us to say “I love you” at the end of a session.

I hug them when I see them.

I think about them in between sessions.

I text them when there’s something I want to share and love when I receive texts from them sharing “wins” or, my favorite, pictures of their family.

Many of my clients have been with me for years; or when they take a break, they come back.

It’s not because we aren’t making progress, it’s that our healing journey is never done; each life stage can present new challenges and they know I always have their back.

Are you ready to work with someone who is going to help you move the needle on creating real, lasting transformation?

“Joree feels like my personal Oprah, making me feel cared for by the questions that she asks, and helps me to draw things out of me in a safe and mindful way.. She helps me shift my perspective and mindset, helps me see what I’m not seeing, and guides me to develop self-trust and worthiness, which helps me to level up. Joree is a role model in every way, demonstrating her own vulnerability in her life and relationships.”

~Kristin F.

“Joree is an expert at mindfulness and meditation. She is more than someone who is going to listen while you have a “bitch” session – she’s a good teacher and has taught me better communication skills, emotional recognition and has helped me to identify my feelings and how to name my emotions. I used to be more depressed, anxious and drained when we met, and more closed off; now I am less wrapped up in trauma being my identity. She is always inspiring to be around.”

~Becky B.

“Joree is really down to earth and not a traditional therapist. She shares about herself, which shows me that she gets me; it resonates and yet it’s practical. Joree has helped me approach life in a more open and honest way, she’s been a great sounding board, and supports me in uncovering the next aligned step. Together our work is like putting a puzzle together.”

~Emily M.

“Joree helps me feel safe, like I can bring my authentic self and be open no matter what. She responds in ways to help me figure out where I’m stuck and how to move forward. Our work together feels like partnership, like teamwork. She gives me the tools that I can take with me that will help me with any situation. Joree cares for my best interest and brings so much knowledge regarding mindfulness; I’m always learning and improving how to be authentic. I’m grateful for how Joree brings a human experience to her work.”

~Danya L.

“Joree looks at a situation from different angles that I might not have looked at on my own. She takes a step back from the situation with acceptance, a lack of judgment, creating a very safe space.”

~Wendy G.

“For my whole life I have been stuck feeling like I had to be a victim of the way my mind works, constantly thinking negative thoughts or trapped in old mindsets and old habits. Then I found Joree — wow what a change! I now have an entirely new outlook and relationship with my thoughts. Joree guides from a place of realness and authenticity. She has helped me to find myself and how to listen to my own inner guidance.”
~Morgan P.

“Joree is an expert at connecting so that you feel comfortable to be who you are. That connection lets me feel safe. Focusing on the future has been helpful rather than spending all our time dwelling on the past.”

~Liz L.

“Joree is a light and soft landing for when I need support; she’s a good listener and holds a neutral space to honor what I’m feeling. She models determination, courage, and intentional decision making.”

~Mindy B.

“Having Joree in my life has meant so much to me. Her influence has made such a difference in how I now face my life. Given the tools to apply Mindfulness everyday…breathing, forgiveness and self gratitude, has helped so much, especially in times of stress. When times get tough, I ask myself ‘What would Joree say?’ and I breathe!!”

~Carol F.

Intensives consist of a quarterly 5-hour coaching session followed with weekly or biweekly implementation sessions. If you are local to Joree, the 5-hour intensive can be done in person, and all implementation sessions are virtual, unless other arrangements are made.

1:1 Intensives are valued at

Also included in an Intensive is Joree’s self-guided introduction courses, Introduction to Meditation and Introduction to Mindfulness, as well as exclusive access for events and retreats.

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