Hi! I’m Joree Rose and I am so happy that you are here to Journey Forward® to live your most authentic and satisfying life.

I used to be stuck and unfulfilled; I believed all my negative thoughts as my truth, didn’t know what to do with my emotions, felt cut off from my body (I lived in my head), believed my “shoulds” and allowed fear and anxiety to rule much of my decision-making.

I didn’t know myself very well and was stuck in a pattern of doing “what was next, and what was next” for almost everything in my life in the hope and misguided belief that each next step would bring me the fulfillment and alignment I was deeply craving and seeking.

Then one day in my early 30’s I woke up and realized that there were no more “nexts” which led to the onset of an existential crisis of not knowing truly who I was and how I got to this point.

And more importantly, I didn’t know how to consciously get to where I wanted to be; I didn’t even know where I wanted to be!

Thus began my Journey of self-awareness in which I learned (for the first time ever!) to slow down, breathe, connect to myself in the present moment and learn to tune in and tap into, and then begin to trust, my deep knowing, my inner wisdom.

I developed the courage to look at myself and ask the really hard questions about the course of my life. And more importantly, I had the courage to listen.

I realized I had been living on autopilot, and was ready to be in the driver seat of my own life.

I delved deeply into spiritual and contemplative practices, learned the tools and have continued to embody them in a variety of ways.

My Journey Forward® has been an ongoing exploration of myself, my past, my traumas, my relationships, my anxieties, my desires, my intentions, my hopes and my dreams.

And while the Journey never ends, I am now a conscious co-creator with the Universe to live a more present, aligned, authentic, mindful, fulfilling, and relational life. I am more whole and healed than I’ve ever felt, more connected to myself, which has allowed for deep and enriching relationships, and feel more resilient and prepared to overcome any curveball.

Are you ready to Journey Forward® to a more fulfilling, authentic and satisfying life? If so, then I can’t wait to guide you!

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