Integrate your roles into your authentic self.

May 20-23, 2018 at the amazing MIRAVAL in Tuscon, AZ.

Okay ladies - here's the deal.

As women, we play so many roles in our daily lives – wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, employee – and it can be so easy to lose ourselves. Or even worse, not even know who we are anymore outside of those roles. This once-in-a-lifetime retreat has come at just the right time for you!! You will have the opportunity to be in one of the most beautiful resorts (even Oprah goes there!!) where you will delve into wellness like you’ve never experienced before! Aside from the gorgeous grounds, amazing healthy food, and top-end spa, I will guide you through 3 days of mindfulness practices that will bring you back to the YOU you’ve been missing. Go home refreshed and integrated so you can show up as your BEST SELF in all your relationships.

In our 3 1/2 days together, you will learn all my best tools (at 1/3 of my hourly rate if we were to work together individually!) while also getting to experience plenty of time to explore and enjoy the Miraval grounds and all their glorious offerings. During our group time, I will be guiding you in self-exploration as you:

  • identify your stories and how they are holding you back
  • get in touch with your true essence of what brings you peace, joy and fulfillment at this point in your life
  • cultivate a mindfulness practice which will help to continuously bring you back to the present moment
  • learn to get out of your head, and in tuned with your body and your intuition
  • explore your sense of self outside of your roles
  • create peace, find your center and maintain balance

...and so much more!!!

My fees are separate from Miraval's fees. In your price to Miraval, here is what is included:

  • 3 night's stay in their 5-star hotel room (discounted rate for sharing a room - bring a friend!!)
  • ALL your food, including 3 full meals a day, and a smoothie and snack bar
  • 3 Mindful Moment experiences lead by Miraval staff (TBD, but included meditations, intentions settings, balancing singing bowl class, and more!)
  • 1 culinary experience
  • 1 50-minute spa treatment
  • 1 group activity experience (TBD, but options include challenge courses, art therapy, or wellness classes)
  • AND $100 credit towards Miraval for any additional services (such as their world-class spa for example!!) you'd like to utilize

Once you register with me, I'll forward you your options for packages to book directly with Miraval. Remember, sharing a room with a friend will save you about $400, so find your soul sister to go on this journey with!!!

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Your future self will thank you!!!

Register here:

Check out Miraval in all its glory!!