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journey forward® method

Get all the tools you need to cultivate the life you’re wanting to live in Joree’s signature 8-week group program.

Intro to Meditation

introduction to meditation

Break down all the myths, misconceptions, preconceptions and judgments about meditation and learn how to start your practice.

journey forward method

introduction to mindfulness

Learn the foundational tools of how to practice mindfulness and how to integrate these tools and awareness into all aspects of your life.

redefine yourself

Clearly identify the patterns that are holding you back and rewrite your narrative to reflect who you are and how you want to live your best life.

Patient Parenting

patient parenting

Being a parent is hard and doesn’t come with a rule book. Consider this course the rule book you’ve been looking for!

Gratitude Meditation Bundle Image

gratitude meditation bundle

This gratitude meditation bundle guides you through 13 meditations that are guaranteed to help you dwell on the good in your life.

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