Online Courses

Joree is offering classes available to download so you can listen at your leisure!

Receive her best tools, which you’ll be able to start implementing within minutes of listening!

The first two classes currently available are listed below. 

Patient Parenting

Develop new techniques to feel more calm, less reactive and overall more peaceful and confident in your parenting in this short, 7-class series. You will be able to guide your children in creating better understanding of their emotions, how to maintain effective discipline and live in a home environment in which your whole family thrives.

Redefine Yourself

This short, 7-class series will walk you through the steps to let go of the stories that you’ve been defining yourself by that no longer serve you. You will be guided in to cultivate an identity of who you are in the here and now, which will allow you to live in alignment with your values so you can start to live more freely, fully and authentically.

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