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“Do you know what you want and what you desire in your life?”

When I ask my clients this question, many of them don’t know the answer, leaving them feeling stuck and unfulfilled. I am here to guide you in discovering what lights up your soul and more importantly, how to remove the roadblocks – the limiting beliefs, old narratives, and reactive patterns – that are standing in your way of achieving your vision.

I know that you are tired, frustrated and overwhelmed from dealing with the same, recurring issues in your life

and feel like you’re getting nowhere.

You lay awake at night with spinning thoughts that won’t slow down, keeping you from getting the desperate rest you need, only to be ruminating on all the things that are not flowing in your life, curious if it’ll ever get better or even more importantly, how you can create some lasting positive change.

You are done with being stressed and anxious about all the things you can’t fix that are out of your control, and feel hopeless that anything will help to make it easier.

You feel like you’ve done all the right things: therapy, read self-help books, listened to podcasts, done yoga and meditation, talked at nauseam with your friends…and while you have comfort in knowing you’re not alone, it’s not helping you feel any better, or more importantly, moving the needle on making a difference.

You know you’re stuck. You keep trying the same things that aren’t working, hoping that this time it’ll work.
And yet, you don’t know what else to do.

You want to blame external things like your partner, the kids, your boss, the pandemic, the economy, Mercury Retrograde and more…and yet at the end of the day, you know deep down that change happens from within. All the externalizing won’t help to change your response to the daily triggers of everyday life.

So what do you do?

Joree Rose, LMFT

Well, rather than try harder,

it’s time to try different.

It’s time for a new approach to achieving the peace, calm and happiness that your soul is craving.

And I’m here to tell you…it’s possible.

Getting unstuck from all the things that are holding you back from living fully, freely and authentically, is possible.

Getting unstuck from the patterns and habits that you don’t ever think you can change, is possible.

Growth is not a “one-and-done” and is definitely not a straight path, AND it’s still possible.

Creating lasting, positive change is possible.

Living a life in which you feel capable of responding – rather than reacting – in the face of hardship, challenge and chaos, is possible.

All the tools you need to cultivate the life you’re wanting to live are learnable. And the good news is, you’ve landed in the right place, because I’m here to teach them to you.

I know that you are craving to live a life that is fulfilling – one in which you feel confident to ride the waves of the vicissitudes of life so you can feel more ease and peace, than you do stress and overwhelm.

Am I right?

Well, as I always say, you can’t change what you’re not aware of, so the first step is identifying where you are stuck.

The next step is gaining the tools. And, that’s why you’ve landed here, to learn the “how” – and that’s exactly what I’ll guide you to do.

There are no accidents – the timing is right for right now.

You’re ready. You don’t yet know the exact destination, but not to worry, cause I’ve got the roadmap.

I’ve walked your path. I’ve been stuck, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and frustrated in not knowing who I was and what I wanted for my life.

I was stuck not knowing how to create change and felt my old narrative dictating my thoughts and actions even though I felt totally
out of alignment.

I didn’t know how to slow down. I kept busy and was stuck in my head – believed my thoughts as my truth and didn’t know how to trust the messages my body was telling me.

I was stuck in “shoulds” and then one day, I realized it was harder to stay stuck than it would be to growand was afraid to create change, partly because I didn’t want to disappoint others or some version of myself I thought I was supposed to be.

And if I can change, grow and cultivate new habits, patterns, and most importantly new mindsets and narratives, then so can you.

singing bowl

Real change takes time
and I’ll walk the path with you.

I’m going to provide you with tangible tools that you can draw upon when the shit is hitting the fan, you’re at the end of your rope, or you just don’t know what to do next.

You need more than just processing your past, understanding how you got here or just talking through what’s eating away at you.

While that’s all helpful and often necessary, it’s not enough to pull you out from the depths of despair as you spin in your mind while your insides do crazy flip flops, as you wonder “What the hell do I do in this next moment to feel better?!

“At the root of everything that I teach is awareness and I will teach you practical application of mindfulness, and how to use your awareness, along with practices of compassion, curiosity, presence, intention, and the ability to connect with your breath, to get through anything…and everything!”

The practices are simple, but not always easy.

So I will provide you a lot of support on your journey, as I am not just going to give you the tools; I’m going to walk the path with you so you can achieve the fulfilling life you are craving.

Each step is tangible, relatable, and most importantly, attainable for you to begin to work your way out (and stay out!) of the spiral. (And if you aren’t sure what I mean by being in the spiral, you’ll find out in the course.)

I will help you to identify your patterns, mindsets and narratives that have kept you stuck, and through my proprietary framework, The Cycle of Reactivity guide you to permanently shift your energy and attention, ensuring you don’t fall back into the old, outdated patterns that clearly aren’t working for you anymore.

So are you ready to Journey Forward® and live a fulfilling, authentic and aligned life??

The Journey Forward® Method is a live, 8-week course via zoom that begins:

February 21, 2023

Here’s what you can expect from

the weekly live training:

  • Science-backed tools, practices in mindfulness, meditation, various therapeutic practices – all of which is guaranteed to help you get, and stay, unstuck
  • Guided meditations to ground you and center you, preparing you to be present and available to receive the tools and do the work
  • My proprietary framework, broken into weekly themes to guide you in the practical application of how to integrate the tools and practices into your daily routine
  • Weekly journal prompts to help you gain deeper insight into yourself, your habits and narrative
  • Handouts to support your understanding of what it means to Journey Forward®
  • “Homework” assignments to help you practice cultivating greater awareness, attention and intention into your life
  • A supportive community of like-minded people, seeking growth and change

Plus, amazing bonuses, valued at over $600, that will support you on your journey:

  • 30-minute 1:1 individual coaching session with Joree at the beginning of the 8-week course
  • Instant access to Joree’s Introduction to Meditation Course*
  • Instant access to Joree’s Introduction to Mindfulness Course*
  • Instant access to Joree’s Gratitude Meditation bundle that accompanies Joree’s new book, A Year of Gratitude*
  • 30-minute follow-up coaching session upon completion of the course

*When you sign-up, you will receive instant access to these bonus courses, which you’ll retain lifetime access to, and you’ll be able to immediately schedule your first coaching call with Joree.

This life-changing course is for you if you are ready to…

  • live a fulfilling, aligned and authentic life
  • create a new way of responding to life’s challenges
  • let go of the patterns that have kept you stuck in a cycle of reactivity
  • develop a new narrative that supports your dreams, goals and visions
  • feel more connected in all your relationships, including the one to yourself
  • cultivate daily habits, such as meditation and journaling, that will support your journey
  • be excited for your future
  • believe that growth and change is possible
  • heal your past
  • love the life you’re living

What clients are saying…

I have been on a personal journey the past 10 months and the Journey Forward® Method was the “a-ha” moment in my journey, the straw that positively broke the camel’s back! The course launched me even further in my personal and emotional growth. Joree is so warm and passionate and she lays out the tools and methods to get unstuck in such a digestible, tangible, practical and non-overwhelming manner. I continually return to the recordings, each time picking up something new and relevant.

Celeste Marie

Participating in this program has helped me see where my unhealthy patterns keep getting me stuck. I have gained tools that I use now to help me recognize what is arising, acknowledge it and choose a different action. This mindfulness technique has helped me better understand myself and other people in my life.


I am so happy that I have met Joree, working with her has made a huge difference in my life. Thank you…you are a true gift!


I thoroughly enjoyed my JFM with Joree. She has such a warm and welcoming demeanor that makes you feel so comfortable and not alone. She is very personable and intuitive and made it easy to open up. Joree also presented her content in a simple manner that made me feel a positive change was attainable, and all of her materials and messages were so useful, relatable and easy to follow. I highly recommend this course no matter where you are on your journey!


It’s hard to get unstuck from daily habits if you don’t have the tools and don’t see the path in front of you. That’s where I was when I was introduced to Joree and Journey Forward®. I can’t praise Joree enough for how compassionately she led each of us in mindfulness, meditation and self-reflection. Her course has taught me how to leave old habits that kept me stuck behind and how to continue to be aware and compassionate to myself and others.


In my relationship I became aware of where I was getting stuck. Journey Forward® Method helped me create changes, have more compassion and better communication.


The Journey Forward® Method gave me the tools to get out of negative thought cycles. I now recognize when I’m thinking in ways that don’t serve me and I now know how to change those thoughts and have a different outcome.

Tracy M.

You are my rainbow 🌈


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