My First Heart-Opener

My First Heart-Opener

The first I did a heart-opener, I burst into tears. I was at Esalen, which is a spiritual retreat center in Big Sur, and it literally is, hands-down, my most favorite place on earth. Nestled into an expansive property overlooking picturesque cliffs of the Pacific...

Send Love to Everyone this Valentine’s Day

One of my most favorite mindfulness practices is lovingkindness practice. In traditional Buddhist practice, this is called metta. It is the practice of extending well-wishes and thoughts of kindness to others. When thinking about sending out love, you might only think...

Stop Multitasking and Be More Productive

Our lives are so busy and we attempt to do it all! We are constantly in a juggling act between school, homework, jobs, family, friends, relationships, exercise, and personal time. Sometimes we are successful in getting through many items on our to-do list, however,...

How Do I Let My Sh*t Go??

What are you holding on to, that is no longer serving you, but you aren’t able to let go of? It is so easy to get stuck in habits and patterns that keep you held to the past, mistakes, shame, old relationships, or stories that no longer apply. There are many reasons...

Be Your Own Best Friend

Let me ask you this…Have you ever had a time where you were struggling about something, and you kept playing the situation over and over in your head? Ask yourself: what is the tone of voice of your inner-self? Is it kind? Caring? Comforting? Encouraging? Generally,...

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A year of gratitude

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A year of gratitude

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