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Have you ever made a new year’s resolution that you were really excited about?

If you have, then you are one of millions of people who have done the same…but be honest with yourself – did you stick to it?

Well, no shame or judgement because an enormous amount of people don’t stick to their resolutions; in fact, they quit them within 2 weeks!!

There can be plenty of reasons that I think people don’t meet their lofty goals and for starters, I think it’s because not only are they biting off more than they can chew, but they are expected too much big change to happen at once.

What if, rather than expecting (or hoping or wishing) that you’ll be able to create all the change at one time, if you actually started with baby-steps that were attainable? I think one of the biggest reasons for people’s fail is that they aren’t realistic with themselves with what they can accomplish.

There’s a great saying, you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for, and while I believe this to be true, I also think you get what you work for by creating realistic goals and expectations for how you are going to achieve them.

So here are some tips to creating positive, lasting change in the new year.
1. Set intentions, rather than goals
2. Have compassion for what you can take on at once
3. Be realistic for both your time, energy and expectations
4. Celebrate the small successes
5. Be values-driven

At the root of creating lasting change for the upcoming year, I believe is cultivating a meditation and mindfulness practice; without the ability to slow down, breathe, observe what is arising, and stay present, it will be harder to be aligned mind, body and soul for living the life you want.

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A year of gratitude

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A year of gratitude

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