Yeah!! This episode marks my 1st full year complete of having my podcast and I wanted to do not only an episode of reflection, but of some of the roadblocks that I’ve overcome to reach and accomplish my goals over the past year. I could have had so many things stopping me: not being ready, not knowing how, feeling self-doubt, or believing old stories of “I can’t do that.” And I chose to look past all of those and instead focus on my vision, my passion and my impact I could make on others by providing an outlet for my voice. So as you listen, I ask you to reflect on your past year, make note of your accomplishments and what you are grateful for. And then, coming from that positive mindset, ask yourself what your roadblocks are moving forward, and let those simply be moments to pause and gain clarity, rather than stop and lose momentum. I believe in you! You got this!! (Whatever this may be…) 🙂


And for being a loyal listener, I’m offering a free gift of my online course titled Redefine Yourself – it is a short, 7 session course, each only about 5 minutes long, that guides you through uncovering where you are stuck in your life (whether it be outdated habits, unskillful patterns or old limiting belief systems) and walks you through a framework of cultivating deeper awareness and compassion in shifting your relationship to what’s holding you back. Then, you will connect with your values as the basis for intention setting in creating a lasting path towards change.


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