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I love episodes like this where we jump into the deep end of a fantastic conversation. In this episode, I talk with Kristin Urbanus who is a practitioner of spiritual psychology and somatic touch, a life coach along with being a yoga and meditation teacher. We take a deep dive into the nuances of how to regulate our nervous system when we are stuck in patterns that go beyond our cognitive or emotional consciousness. When we can become more aware of the multi-dimensional aspects of our human experience, we can then recognize that there are multiple ways we can rewire our patterns, heal traumas, get through challenges, and feel more whole and complete in our lives. We discuss the value of Internal Family Systems theory in understanding how to integrate the different “parts” of ourselves, how to move into being an observer of our own experience, how to decrease judgment and increase self-compassion, and how to put our present-moment experiences into a greater context to understand why we are reacting the way in which we are. Fundamentally, when we can accept that we didn’t do anything wrong, and that nothing is wrong with us, and that we are living a human experience, we can take small steps forward towards our healing and health. 


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IG:  @lifecoachyoga


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