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Today is my 44th birthday and in this episode I share some personal reflections on what I continue to work on and the messages the Universe keeps sending me highlighting where I still get stuck. Two main areas I focus on are expectations, and my value of being seen, heard and validated. I often say that expectations are the quickest path to suffering and yet it can be so hard to release expectations you have on others, yourwelf, or even how life unfolds. Additionally, one of the things I’m working on this year is seeing, hearing and validating others from a lens of compassion and acceptance, knowing that when I can do this for others, a relational reciprocity is likely (or hopefully able) to occur. Lastly, I share 12 mindfulness practices that I continue to practice every damn day that help keep me grounded, centered and feeling good from the inside out, because as life continues to unfold in a way that is out of our control, we need all the tools we can to feel at our best.

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