Have you ever gotten multiple signs from the Universe that are all in alignment with what you are already working on, or are at least trying to work on, but are just having a really hard time implementing the change that you know you need to make? Welcome to my life the past few weeks! In this episode, I share my recent run-in with bees, and how my multiple times getting stung has finally woken me to the messages the Universe keeps sending me: I need to slow down, and not force it. It’s so much easier said than done to create new habits and patterns, and sometimes it may take longer than you’d like, and yet it is possible. As a therapist and mindfulness teacher, I’m not immune from getting stuck, or needing to adhere to the lessons I teach, and I’m humbly practicing my own tools right now.


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And here’s a copy of the poem that I read during this episode, Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters, by Portia Nelson

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