A year ago we were in a huge unknown when Covid hit, and now we are in another huge unknown in how to engage in a “post-Covid” world. While we are still in the midst of the pandemic, with many people getting their vaccine, it brings the question of “how do I live my life now that I’m vaccinated?” For many people they are wanting to jump right back into “normal” life – but the reality is, there is no normal life to go back to, and we are in the midst of creating our new normal. In this episode I talk about the ways in which we can consciously and intentionally decide how to move forward, with greater discernment, getting off autopilot and into a more values-driven, aligned way of living our lives. While many may not consider how to live any differently, many people are concerned with new social norms, how to engage around other people, not knowing what is safe or not, and simply how to determine the pace in which they want to be living. At the core of these decisions is knowing your values, drawing boundaries and practicing self-compassion. No one on this planet is immune from these questions, as we are all affected by this process, but not everyone is going to be intentional in how they engage in a post-Covid world…are you?


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