The ability to hold the paradox of two truths at the same time is a valuable skill and tool, and something that I work with a lot of my clients in being able to do. Research shows how being able to believe two things at the same time not only makes for a great leader, but also in how you are able to be empathetic and compassionate towards others. In this episode, I delve deeper into not only what it means to hold two truths, but how to be able to practice this. I cover the roadblocks you may encounter that keep you stuck on the negatives in your life that may prevent you from seeing another point of view, how to be able to shift your mindset and how to differentiate between different emotions so you are able to feel multiple things at once. Of course, mindfulness and acceptance are at the root of this and hopefully this episode will inspire you to see yourself and your patterns more clearly so you can be open and intentional in how you respond to what is arising. 


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