A Year of Gratitude Meditation Bundle

Join Joree Rose, author of A Year of Gratitude: Daily Moments of Reflection, Grace, and Thanks as she gently guides you through each of the 13 meditations found throughout the book. You will receive both video and audio versions of each meditation, so you can stream online or download the audio and take it with you to your favorite meditation spot.

Yours for only $27.

Included Meditations:

  1. A Mindful Sip Meditation
  2. Big Moment Meditation
  3. Future Self Meditation
  4. Gratitude Meditation
  5. Heart Opener Meditation
  6. Joyful Thoughts Meditation
  7. Lovingkindness Meditation
  1. Mindfulness Meditation
  2. New Beginnings Meditation
  3. Outdoor Meditation
  4. Peace and Calm Meditation
  5. Simple Pleasure Meditation
  6. Visual Meditation

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A year of gratitude

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