This is my 100th episode!!!! Thank you to all of you that have been part of this Journey Forward with me!!! As a thank you, please download this free gratitude meditation, that goes along with my new book, A Year of Gratitude, which you can purchase here on Amazon.. And if this podcast has inspired you in any way, I’d be so grateful for you to give it a rating and/or review!! Thank you so much!


You’re gonna love this episode; I share one of my most favorite stories of when I realized just how determined I am, and how that helped me to shift out of old stories and limiting beliefs that I wasn’t capable of, smart enough or strong enough to accomplish what I put my mind to. Once that mindset shifted, there really was no stopping me. And the outcome of me making this shift? I am living an authentic life, in which I feel strong, confident and capable of managing anything that comes my way, whether it’s not believing my ruminating thoughts, not getting stuck in overwhelming emotions or moving more mindfully through difficult situations. And if I can do it, so can you.

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A year of gratitude

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