Listen to my journey of how I got unstuck – and have stayed unstuck…and how you can do the same.

The key isn’t to say to yourself, “I’ll be happy (or calm, peaceful, okay, safe, secure, fulfilled…) when __________________ happens.”

The key is to know how to feel happy, calm, peaceful, okay, safe, secure, fulfilled, etc…despite ____________ happening.

It’s not necessarily easy, though it is possible. And I know, because I’ve not only done it for myself, but it’s what I guide my clients in each and every day.

It all starts with awareness and clearly seeing your patterns, and how you tend to repeat the very same things that are causing you to stay stuck.

You can’t change what you’re not aware of, and when you do become aware, it comes with the responsibility to do something different so you can create the change you are seeking.

If you are wanted to create the lasting change, so you can be happy, calm, peaceful and resilient to whatever is happening in your life, then join me in The Journey Forward Method, a live 8-week course which begins next Thursday 9/9 at 5pm PST.

I can’t wait to Journey Forward with you! ✨❤️

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