Refund & Exchange Policy

Refund / Exchange Policy
Joree Rose takes pride in delivering what she promises, so everything that is offered has been tested and proven to rock your world (with the testimonials to prove it!).

However you choose to JourneyForward, don’t just “hope” it will work. Your success depends on your full commitment to practice the inner and outer game strategies and tools I’ll be sharing with you.


Our Guarantee:
We are 100% committed to giving you tools, strategies and coaching that set you up for lasting happiness, contentment and stronger relationships. Our goal is to deliver what we promise and so much more.

That’s why we guarantee that our programs will help you attain the goals you are seeking when you do the work and implement our frameworks.

If you are on a payment plan, you agree to make all payments you have committed to. If investing in a program will create hardship, please don’t do it.

We’re so committed to you getting the peace of mind and results you want that if you’re not experiencing them, we will make sure that you get extra support from us.

If you do watch all the videos, do the assignments, download the meditations, ask for support, implement, and still don’t feel we delivered on the promise, let us know.

*We only offer refunds or stopping payments in extraordinary circumstances. We require that you fill out our refund questionnaire and submit your completed homework before we consider a refund or stopping payments. There’s a 10% processing fee with any refund. You’ll lose access to all materials as a result of refund or non-payment.


There are no refunds on MP3 audio or Ebook products.


Our payment plans are created so customers can join our programs and learn and implement the lessons and tools right away. We provide full support for every program and will deliver everything we promise.


1. Only enroll in a payment plan if it makes sense for your current financial status. If it will cause a hardship for you now, it will be in your best interest to create some income and enroll in one of our later programs.

2. Payment plans are created for a specific amount and number of payments. We do not offer custom plans, extensions, or adjustments.

3. We will send courtesy reminders if your payment fails to process. Your program access will be suspended up to 30 days until payment is received. After 30 days, we will proceed with collection efforts, which may include your account being turned over to a collections service.

Any questions, please contact [email protected]

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