Life is hard, and the lens through which you view the world and your experiences matter. While you can’t always control what arises, you have 100% control over how you respond and what you do with how life unfolds. It’s not just about mindset, it’s about making it a conscious practice. In this week’s episode, I share some of my favorite ways to bring gratitude into your life, that are taken from my new book A Year of Gratitude. There are some traditional ways you may think about practicing gratitude, such as reflecting on what you were grateful for from your day, but I’m delving further into 12 different ways that you may not have considered as helpful tools for bringing gratitude into your daily routine. I love that there are so many creative, thoughtful, and even healing ways to bring more awareness, gratitude and appreciation into our lives. I hope this episode inspires you in new and thoughtful ways!


The book is officially on sale Tuesday Jan. 19, so you can order your copy here or the Kindle version.


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A year of gratitude

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