Suffering exists; it’s the first Noble Truth as defined by the Buddha and mindfulness offers the pathways out of that suffering. In this week’s episode, I share how and why compassion, self-compassion and lovingkindness are practices that you need to be practicing right now. While these tools don’t negate the pain or challenge in your life, they simply offer a different lens through which to see the world, helping you shift your focus of attention from rumination into a softening of mind, heart and spirit. Especially as we are closing out the end of 2020, probably one of the most difficult years we’ve collectively experienced in our recent memory, it’s more important now than ever to maintain your emotional and mental health as a foundation of your physical health. No matter where you are, or what your situation, compassion, self-compassion and lovingkindness are always available to you; the key is to remember to practice, which I will guide you through during this episode.


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