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Our body does not lie. When something feels off, it likely is, and yet we often dismiss these cues because we don’t want to have to face or deal with, or make a different choice. We get stuck in our heads and how we want things to be and get in habits of ignoring the cues that are available to us. Our ego, or thoughts of what we wanted things to be, prevent us from taking action when we are not in alignment because we tend to believe our thoughts as truth. In this episode, I talk through the ways in which the body does not lie, and how we were wired for their to be physiological cues as indicators when we are in an unsafe (emotionally or physically) situation. This can go back to attachment styles from early childhood, unhealthy yet perpetual relationship dynamics in which we choose connection over safety, and yet over time, we can learn to gain greater agency over our choices and relationships to feel good more of the time. It is your birthright to feel good, and it’s only when we are in that good feeling state that we can be creative, feel secure and manifest our desires. If you are someone who gets stuck in the cognitive dissonance of feeling one thing but thinking another, and you’ve given more power to your thoughts and dismissed the cues in your body, then this episode is for you.

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