In a continuation of each episode through the end of December, I’m offering a mini masterclass in the application of mindful tools to help you get unstuck and journey forward to living your best life. In this episode, I talk about how to get through the tunnel of emotions from which you are stuck. It is said that emotions have a cycle, and emotional exhaustion, burnout and feeling overwhelmed doesn’t come from the emotion itself, but from our inability to let the natural cycle of the emotion complete. There is a beginning, middle and end, and we tend to not know how to move ourselves through. Mindfulness – the ability to be present, increase awareness with compassion, acceptance, equanimity, observe what’s arising, respond and not react – are all great ways to begin being with whatever emotion is present. But if that’s not helping, and you’re still feeling stuck, then what? Tune in to hear me go through 7 tangible tools to help you move through your emotions, as outlined in the new book Burnout, by Emily and Amelia Nagoski.


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