Awareness sucks. Why? Because with awareness comes responsibility. Awareness is hard – it’s like holding the mirror up to our own selves, and our contributions to the areas of our life that we are struggling with. Without awareness, it’s easy and possible to stay stuck in whatever spiral of reactivity you are currently in. It’s easy to externalize, blame, judge, and not take action towards creating the change that you most need and want in your life. 


But yet with awareness, we give ourselves the opportunity for change. With awareness you gain greater clarity and with that insight, you are on the path towards greater peace, happiness and joy. It’s not a direct path – it does take work. But it is the path out from being stuck and ultimately towards the life you want to be living. So…if you don’t want to do any of the work, and you would rather stay in frustration and reaction, then don’t be aware. But if you want to have the freedom from judgments, from anger or depression, from sadness or anxiety, from fear or expectation, then start with awareness – and this episode will show you how.


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