I’ve launched a monthly membership for parents to gain tools to mindfully manage the Covid-related stressors we are experiencing this upcoming school year. Here is a link to watch a free training for parents to gain tools to immediate implement to create a more calm and peaceful home environment as we get ready for remote/hybrid learning: https://joreerose.com/peacefulschooltraining/


But don’t miss out on joining the year-long parenting membership: https://joreerose.com/peacefulschoolmembership/

Doors close to the membership Sept. 15th! 


In today’s episode I talk to Helen Maffini, who is the founder of MindBe Education, an organization dedicated to bringing mindfulness into families and education for young kids. This is a timely conversation as we are heading back to school, and due to so many Covid-related stressors, families are in more need of tools to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm more than ever.


To learn more about Helen and her upcoming Neuroscience Preschool Summit (in which I am a speaker on!), check out: https://mindbe-education.com/

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