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Today’s episode talks about the Buddhist notion of the 1st dart and the 2nd dart. The 1st dart is just what life throws at you, it’s the curveballs. The 2nd dart, and the subsequent ones thereafter, are the ones you throw at yourself, which actually increase your suffering. An example would be: the 1st dart = worldwide pandemic. The 2nd dart = you getting angry, frustrated, not accepting it, waiting for life to “go back to ‘normal’”, getting impatient or yelling at your kids, shutting down emotionally…you get the idea.


In an effort to decrease our suffering, and therefore become more resilient, we need to increase awareness of when we are throwing 2nd darts at ourselves. We can’t change anything without being aware first.


Our ability to be aware of our 2nd darts, not only helps us manage the curveball easier, but also helps to role model to others to acknowledge and honor what they are feeling, rather than assuming that you always need to put on a brave face.


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