When the school year ended last year, for many of us – kids and parents – it felt like a state of chaos and confusion; there was no working model to know how to deal with the challenges due to Covid. For some, it felt like a staycation, and for others, deep depression and anxiety set in. And I feel like no one thought we’d be starting off this new school year facing big hurdles with remote or hybrid learning, a loss of many sports and extracurriculars, and a whole family working from home.


When stress, anxiety and overwhelm are present, patience, calm and presence are compromised, increasing the overall tension in the home, and ultimately creating the exact opposite conditions necessary to be able to maintain focus, attention and learning.


If you are a parent, and are feeling this anxiety and stress about the pending school year, then this episode is for you. I talk about the ways that you can begin to shift the entire culture in your home to ensure an environment in which tension is lowered and patience and calm is increased. And most importantly, if it’s not for the culture in your home, and the deepened connections for your family members, then it’s for your kids to have their brains primed for learning in a remote setting.


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