Do you have a loud inner critic? Do you get caught in cycles of beating yourself up in your own mind? Do you treat others kinder than you treat yourself?


You’re not alone. We aren’t taught or role modeled how to practice self-compassion. We aren’t socialized in knowing how to be kind to ourselves, and many of us have a loud inner critic. We also aren’t good at nurturing our needs the ways that we may nurture others. 


In this interview with Mindful Self-Compassion teacher Natalie Bell, we discuss why self-compassion is such an important practice especially now more than ever in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and how being kinder to yourself right now can shift your life towards being happier, more peaceful and content, despite what is going on around you. 


Natalie’s Bio:


Natalie is the founder of Mindful Wellness, a training and coaching platform to help people find their own source of calm, clarity, and inner resilience. She is the creator of the Thrive Inside Program for Personal Resilience to build an inner voice of support and compassion. As a leading teacher of mindfulness and self-compassion she works with individuals and companies teaching people to be able to manage stress and develop a system of inner support and acceptance. Natalie’s approach brings the benefits of meditation into the practical realm of our daily lives teaching us to discover calm and balance in a common sense, relatable manner.


You can find out more about what Natalie teaches here,


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