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Sex and dating has always been hard…but now add it a pandemic, what are the rules? How do you create new boundaries? What is it supposed to look like?


In this fun, insightful and important conversation with Elise Schuster and Francisco Ramierez, we openly talk about all the things that people are likely feeling, but not knowing how to say it. And they are the perfect people to be guiding us…both have Master’s in Public Health and are passionate about talking with people openly about sex and their relationships.

Whether it is learning how to have a hard conversation about the whereabouts of someone you’ve recently started dating (cause now, it’s not just about safety regarding STI’s; it’s now a bigger deal with shelter-in-place orders!) or how to keep your sex life spicy after being in lockdown with your partner 24/7.

The struggle is real! And Elise and Francisco bring realism, humor and deep insight into how to communicate with awareness and compassion, while honoring your sexual needs.

Learn more about the app they created to give people the space to ask questions that they aren’t sure where else to turn:

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