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This interview with Congressman Tim Ryan was recorded for our free online summit Surviving to Thriving that launched on Monday May 11, and this aired on Day 5 of the summit. It was such an inspiring interview that I knew I needed to have more platforms for it to be heard.


Congressman Tim Ryan is in his 18th year of serving in the U.S. Representatives in northern Ohio, where he has made it his passion and his purpose to heal America.

Years ago he discovered mindfulness as a personal practice and has brought the tools of mindfulness into his professional leadership. Not only has he created mindfulness programs within Congress, including meditations and training, but he is committed to bringing greater awareness and compassion into all aspects of our country. 

Tim has recently rereleased his book Healing America, demonstrating how we can create lasting positive change in ways that everyone benefits, from education, farming, support of our veterans, our leaders and our families.

Tim’s interviews offer great hope for how mindful leadership has the power to change our nation, and especially during this time of the pandemic can allow us to come together in unity and support of one another. 

Don’t miss this, as I’m sure it’ll offer tools for renewal of spirit as well as practical ways for you to make change in your local communities.

Follow him on twitter and Instagram at @reptimryan

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