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In this episode I interview Shaun Galanos, a relationship and love coach who helps people develop emotional intimacy tools for themselves and their partners. We talk about love, sex, intimacy, communication, dating in quarantine, oh, and peanut butter! He has an honest, straightforward and fun energy in giving people advice on how to thrive in partnership, and shares his #1 tip that he gives to everyone he works with. It is: “talk about the thing.” As Fred Rogers says, “everything mentionable is manageable” and Shaun brings this wisdom to help uncover the root of where couples and their intimacy gets stuck. If you want to thrive in your relationship (current or future!) you won’t want to miss this episode.


Learn more about Shaun: Shaun Galanos is a love coach, host of The Love Drive podcast, and lives with his partner and his dog in Montreal, Canada.

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