In this episode, I talk with Francis Piche, who has made it his life’s work to focus on resilience and mindset. I love the definition he shares, that resilience isn’t necessarily about “bouncing back” after adversity, but rather, it’s about how you “bounce forward”. We all have an opportunity to choose our response to what curveballs life throws at us, and mindset, along with the framework of tools will help you to get there. Francis shares many aspects of how to bring more resilience into your life and the power that it can have on you, including how to attain lasting happiness. At a time that the world is craving healing, it feels like we are all going to be put to the test of our own resilience, so this feels like a timely, and timeless, topic.


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Francis Piché is the host of The Resilience Element Show that explores how individuals can follow their heart to accomplish their dreams despite delay and adversity encountered along the way.

Raised in Quebec, Francis began cutting his teeth in sales at just 8-years-old by going door-to-door selling products for charities and fundraisers. Pounding the pavement pounded into Francis a love for connecting with people and fueled his meteoric rise to top sales performer status at multiple international corporations, including Xerox.

Soon after, Francis realized sales teams driven by numbers and dollar signs alone resulted in individuals who felt defined by numbers and disillusioned by signs of despair. Refusing to believe that making massive money and having huge happiness must exist in opposition, Francis embarked on a journey to discover the key element to sustained and sustainable satisfaction in life. His answer? The Resilience Element.

Hoping to share his resilience revelation with the world and help others discover it for themselves, Francis created The Resilience Element Show. Each episode contains inspiring and entertaining interviews with celebrities and remarkable leaders as they explore the ups, downs, do’s and don’ts on the journey to following your heart and making it big.


Follow Francis: – Website. Complimentary Quick Start Guide Available – The Resilience Element FB Page – The Resilience Element Documentary Community

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