I believe that we are being called upon by the Universe to slow down and reflect upon how we’ve been living our lives, and choose a new, more intentional way of being. For some, this is like a gift of time; for others, it’s been the very thing they’ve been living distractedly and defending against. Regardless, now is the time to face what’s hard to face, and choose how we can best be during these uncertain times. In this episode, I talk about the various aspects of how to integrate tools of acceptance, allowing, being present (and more!), and how these are the very tools to get us all through these universal challenges we are facing as a humanity.


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Some links I mention in the episode:


Body Scan meditation: https://joreerose.com/bodyscanmeditation/?fbclid=IwAR3GH7mN_vRgCWijXGINO0pwwanvQj0i2f3eWnBBkaynHBTRGqBJkzgozzk


Link to join my Journey Forward Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/173854486658557/?hc_location=ufi


Link to my KTLA tv spot talking about Disaster Anxiety: https://ktla.com/morning-news/dealing-with-disaster-anxiety-with-therapist-joree-rose/

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