This interview with John Shearer comes all the way from Australia, where he shares his inspirational story of his journey towards lasting wellness, and now how he is MAD (making a difference!). Many years ago, he got into an accident that left him with many physical injuries, deep mental suffering, and even shock treatments to help with his suicidality. A chance visit by an old friend changed his life forever on Mental Health Day in 1997. This led John to a “spiritual awakening” where he realized that he didn’t have to believe the prognosis that all the doctors had given him that he’d never be able to work again or go off meds. Mindfulness provided him what he never thought he could have – his life back. And he has now dedicated his life to providing others the tools to live their best, healthiest life. 


John’s Bio: John Shearer is an Australian Mindfulness Master, Intuitive Life Coach, Peer Support Specialist, Hypnotherapist and ACT Therapist. (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) He has vast experience coaching, teaching and mentoring people (including youth), especially those who have been diagnosed with more serious mental ‘illness’. Over 1 million people ‘like’ his facebook pages, Mindfulness Mentor and Spiritual Mentor. He is the founder of (mindfully Making A Difference) and the Mindfulness Mentoring Institute.


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