How is the emotional conditioning that came about in our first 6 years of our lives determining the lens through which we see the world through today? When we can unwind that conditioning from our early childhood that did not serve us, we can create transformation today and allow ourselves to deeply connect to our true essence. In this interview with Ashley Avinashi, who created Raising Humanity, which is an international organization created transformative healing for parents to return to their best selves, we talk about how we can heal our inner child so we can show up fully and whole. She has created this community and transformations, even for adults who are not parents themselves, but are in need of healing. In our state of challenged humanity right now, this is both powerful and necessary for our collective healing. 


Ashley is a certified as coach practitioner and in conscious parenting, as well as transpersonal therapy, along with a best-selling author of the book, Ignite Your Parenting.


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