You are the expert on yourself and when you realize that you’re not wrong, in the eyes of others or yourself, everything shifts. Despite a history of trauma, and 2 death experiences, Angelina Lombardo shares her courageous journey in how she healed and used her awareness to shift how she moves through the world, and how that ultimately has led to her personal and professional successes. This compelling interview demonstrates how to truly never give up, and how through healing and perseverance, your awakening – both literal and spiritual – will guide you to your highest self. 


Angelina’s Bio: Angelina Lombardo is a bestselling author, relationship and trauma expert, and the “entrepreneur whisperer.” She specializes in helping people identify, refine, and accomplish their dreams by combining her unique skills as a spiritual leader, business maven, coach, and healer. Through a diverse journey, both practical and mystical, Angelina has leveraged experience as a chef, midwife, and builder of several successful businesses in her coaching and leadership career. She is a heart-centered hustla’, driven to bring about positive change on the personal, local, and global levels – all while living into each connected moment.

Having spent the last twenty-eight years as an entrepreneur, she knows not only the ins and outs of building and managing a successful business, but also how to integrate and align that business with her heart and soul. She’s discovered how best to position her businesses as complementary components of her successful and fulfilling life, and is a natural conduit for sharing those lessons with her family, friends, and clients.

As a trauma-informed coach, she’s acquired the kind of expertise that can only be gained by going through fire, which informs her work at every level. Through sacred, radical leadership, and a results-oriented approach, she balances her effective process with a knack for tailoring her guidance specifically for each unique individual she interacts with. 

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