Everything in the world is energy and we have the capacity to either lean into the energy around us, and have it propel us in our lives or our businesses for the better, or we can be victim and think the world is just happening to us. But when you realize the power you have in shifting your relationship to the energy, you gain control of your life. In this interview with Tamara Arnold, she shares how listening to the messages she was receiving is what allowed her to get out of her “depression chair” and harness her awareness and energy into doing one thing each day to make her life better today than it was yesterday.



Tamara’s bio: Tamara Arnold is a three time International Best Selling Author, Mamapreneur, Mental Health Advocate, Energy Reader and Spiritual Badass. Creator of the Own Your

Intuitive podcast, and founder of The Chakra Business Academy, Tamara helps empaths, healers and coaches create space within themselves to hold success so they can make a bigger impact on the world with their stardust. 


Through her work, Tamara teaches her clients how to remove blocks, stop self sabotage, and gain clarity in each energy center in the body. 


Tamara lives in St. Catharines, Ontario with her husband, four kids, chihuahua Lily and black cat Salem. She loves New Kids on the Block and is a huge YA fantasy novel book nerd.


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Tamara is happy to offer a free copy of my book The Magical Business Method if that works for you. It ties into the energy of the chakras and how to use them in business. Www.tamaraarnold.ca/freebook

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