I love this conversation with Michael O’Brien in which he shares his journey forward after having been in a bad biking accident when he was 33 years old, and how this woke him up to live on purpose. His subsequent positive mindset created a shift all areas of his life and career. (And so fun that I got to share the meaning of the number 33, and its power in numerology, which fits so well into the big picture of his story!) He turned this hardship into triumph and inspires others through his coaching.


Michael’s Bio: Michael O’Brien is the Chief Shift Officer at Peloton Coaching. He has a unique mixture of “in the trenches” executive healthcare leadership expertise and an inspirational story that he calls his Last Bad Day story. It helped him shift his perspective on what is possible at work and in life. 

Today he elevates successful corporate leaders and their teams by preventing bad moments from turning into bad days and has shared his story with TEDx, ABC, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and with companies like Novartis, Pfizer, and Brother International. 

Michael’s a strong male ally for women’s leadership and empowerment causes. He’s the first male President of a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association chapter and gives all the proceeds of this award-winning, best-selling memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows to World Bicycle Relief. They help girls conquer the challenge of distance by providing mobility and access to education, healthcare, and the market.

Also, here is a link to his new book, My Last Bad Day: https://www.mylastbadday.com/get-your-copy 

It’s a great holiday gift and you can use the code: “Shift” to get a break on the S & H. The actual book is free.

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