In this compelling interview, Orlando Bowen shares the ultimate courage in his journey forward as he shows the true power of forgiveness. Having used his professional football career as a platform for creating positive change in conversation with the police force and the community, he found himself brutally attacked by an off duty officer, threatened his life, ruining his football career, and ultimately lead him to his true life’s mission. His inspiring story begs you to question how you can, or have the possibility to, truly practice forgiveness and choose compassion over hate. 

Orlando’s bio: Orlando Bowen M.Sc., B.Sc.


Orlando Bowen’s mission is to inspire people to be GameChangers in the lives of others. GameChangers influence the path, perspective or possibilities for others and inspire people to see beyond their circumstances as they pursue excellence.


Orlando has been motivating corporate audiences for years through keynotes and through his role of founder and Executive Director of One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization. He equips people to get off the sidelines and become GameChangers in business and life.


Orlando has been recognized for his work by; Being awarded a QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE MEDAL, a national HARRY JEROME AWARD, a national CANADIAN YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARD and is the feature of a nationally televised W-5 documentary entitled Personal Foul.


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