If you’re in a relationship, you need to listen to this conversation. Jen Elmquist imparts so much wisdom regarding how to thrive in your relationship, how your relationship will grow, evolve and change over the course of its life, and how you can help prevent it from becoming stagnant. Also, make sure you tune in until the end; Jen shares her framework on the different stages that relationships go through – which is something I think everyone can relate to – and when we are armed with this information, the better we can navigate the unknown waters ahead.


Link: jenelmquist.com


Throughout two decades of professional experience, Jen Elmquist, LMFT has established the ability to motivate and transform individuals, couples, and audiences of all ages. By tapping into her background in communications, media, and mental health, she develops and delivers innovative, outcome-based programs to generate positive learning environments and enhanced personal growth. 

Jen’s work includes teaching, coaching and therapy for adults and adolescents in clinical, corporate and educational settings, along with a specialization in couple relationships. She is an AAMFT Nationally Approved Supervisor and an Adjunct Faculty member at Saint Mary’s University, Graduate School of Health and Human Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She currently provides consulting services out of her company, Restoration Productions.

In 2017 Jen launched her first book, Relationship Reset: Secrets from a Couples Therapist that will Revolutionize Your Love for a Lifetime which received a Benjamin Franklin award from the Independent Book Publishers Association. 

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