Tune into a fun and enlightening conversation with Emily King, a wealth and abundant coach, who shares the tools on how to use your power of mindset, and a bit of woo-woo, to bring into your life what you most want. 


Emily’s Bio:

Emily King is a wealth & abundance coach and founder of The Rich Woman. Since 2015 she’s worked with 100’s of women to help them create a loving relationship with money so they can massively increase their income and their impact!

She’s a self-proclaimed money manifesting master and she’s on a mission to help women across the world live their best ever “Rich Woman” lives – a life of financial freedom, fulfillment and fun. 

When she’s not coaching her tribe of Rich Women, you can find her hiking the trails with her hubby and their miniature wiener dog, Charles.

Learn more at: https://www.therichwoman.ca

Instagram: https://instagram.com/therichwoman.inc?igshid=1j7ao83l5mkm1

Download an abundance meditation: https://emilyking.kartra.com/page/jiP9   Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/emilykingco 

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