I’m talking about sex again!! In this conversation with Faith Harper, we talk about sex, intimacy, trauma, relationships and everything in between! Faith is not only an expert in the field of sex and therapy, but she normalizes all human behavior and frames it in a way that is so fun to talk about (she says the F-word a lot!). If you want to be able to show up more authentically in your relationships, and more importantly, with yourself, you’ve got to work through your shit. 


Faith’s Bio:

Dr. Faith Harper is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Supervisor in the State of Texas, with postdoctoral certifications in Nutrition (ACN) and Sexology (ACS). She is the bestselling author of UNFUCK YOUR BRAIN, as well as a continuing series of books on various topics within mental health, from Microcosm Publishing. Dr. Harper presented at the TedX conference in San Antonio in 2013 on the topic of “Shame, Sex, and Silence.” A (mostly) complete record of her work can be found at www.theintimacydr.com

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