Anyone who has ever been a people-pleaser can know how hard it is to be in relationships that don’t have reciprocity. It can feel like we give and give and give, and just because we are connected in the relationship, can think it’s enough, when in reality, we end up feeling depleted and resentful. In this joint episode, with my partner in life and love, Dr. John Schinnerer, we talk about 6 areas that people-pleasers can get stuck in or struggle with, along with some of the context that may lead you to becoming a people-pleaser. The 6 areas that we go in depth into are: difficulty drawing boundaries, feeling an overactive sense of guilt, being conflict avoidant, having a fear of loneliness, building resentment and not knowing what your needs are. If you are someone that feels an imbalance in your relationships, and wants greater insight into why you may be doing what you’re doing, and have the tools to shift into healthier relationship patterns, then this episode is for you. 

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