In this conversation with one of my soul sisters, Shari Teigman, we talk about the journey of self-discovery, the courage to create change in the face of the unknown, how to stop believing the story you tightly hold on to, and how to forge your path using inner wisdom, trust and faith. As a former people pleaser, Shari got lost in a life that wasn’t her, and having always been an out of the box thinker, she used her intuitive skills to embody her own wild woman inside, and now guides others in doing the same. As a performance mentor and creative strategist, Shari’s passion is helping you live your optimal life. If you are someone who is ready to remove the self-imposed, real or perceived roadblocks in your life, then this episode is for you.


About Shari:

Shari is a performance coach and creative business strategist who teaches the Maverick Method to become the optimal you for your optimal life and business. 

She works with high level CEOs, entrepreneurs and startups to unleash their inner Maverick and to remove the bottlenecks that keep them stuck and small to catapult into the next level of well-being and success in all areas. 


Part loving mama part tough love, Shari walks with you to help you change why you don’t stick to what you commit to, teach you a new way to face your future and shift your mindset for your own unique blueprint to create what you want in the next level of your business and life. In business for 9 years, Shari works with private clients and now runs the coaching department for one of the biggest sales and marketing training companies in the UK.

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