For many women, making decisions on the direction of their life isn’t easy. What divorce lawyer and author of the new book She Who Wins, Renee Bauer has discovered is that at the root of these challenges is often worthiness issues, the fear of being uncomfortable, especially in the unknown, and being in the habit of being a people pleaser. Renee has identified that many women are stuck in a “good girl complex” in which they were socialized to smile, be polite and not disappoint, which has not only prevented authenticity but leads to an inability to expand themselves and their lives. In this episode, Renee shares her framework to guide women to winning in all aspects of their lives. It comes down to this: how you nurture your soul impacts how you show up in the world. If you are ready to let go of the habits and mindsets that are holding you back, then this episode is for you.

About Renee: Renee has been a divorce attorney for over 20 years. She is founder and Managing attorney of Happily Even After Family Law located in Connecticut. She is an international speaker, author of 3 other books – Divorce in Connecticut, The

Ultimate Guide to Solo and Small Firm Success, and the children’s book Percy’s Imperfectly Perfect Family.

She hosts the annual She Who Wins Summit, a live event created to inspire, motivate and challenge women to move forward bravely in their personal and business lives. Her impact has been recognized by Success Magazine where she was nominated as a Woman of Influence and with awards such as Litigator of the Year, Women-Owned Business of the Year, and New Leaders in the Law. She has been featured in multiple media outlets such as the International Business Times, Comment Central, AP News, NBC, FOX, and iHeart Radio.


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